Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Women's Choice?

In a post-roe world, finding somewhere to get an abortion can be almost impossible. Women's Choice has worked hard to ensure that we are able to provide abortion care to any patient who needs one. Here are ten reasons why Women's Choice may be the right choice for you:

1. Location.  For women in much of the Midwest and South, Women's Choice may be the closest abortion care provider to you. And if you are one of many women who live in a location where we are the closest provider, then your drive to Women's Choice will be shorter, less expensive, and less time-consuming than going anywhere else. This saves you money, inconvenience, and time away from the people you care about.

2. 100% legal.  Despite attempts to make obtaining abortion care impossible to access everywhere, anti-abortion lawmakers cannot stop you from traveling to another state to receive abortion care. Your care with us is 100% legal.

3. No Air-Travel Necessary.  Women's Choice is located in Cairo, Illinois, the crossroads between the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. Because of our convenient location, we can easily be reached by road from nearly every major city in the region. There is no need for rigid flight schedules, or airfares. Whenever you want, you can simply hop in your car and drive here.

4. Safe, Professional Care.  Women's Choice doctors and nurses are all fully-licensed, and experts in their fields. They are ready to provide you with safe, professional abortion healthcare.

5. Kind, Friendly, Supportive, Care.  At Women's Choice, we fully support a woman's right to choose abortion and actively work to ensure all our team members are committed to treating all of our patients in a non-judgmental, friendly, respectful, and supportive manner.

6. Help If You Have a Problem.  With Women's Choice, you'll have access to a team of committed doctors, nurses, and staff members dedicated to ensuring a successful completion of your abortion. And in the event of any question, concern, or problem, they can provide you with appropriate first-hand treatment.

7. Privacy.  Women's Choice is committed to protecting your privacy. We use paper records for increased security. And Illinois protects your records from being subpoenaed by another state. What happens here stays here.

8. All-Female Providers.  At Women's Choice, your abortion care will be provided by female clinicians who are fully licensed to practice in the State of Illinois. You will have immediate access to our expert, all-female staff who can provide your care.

9. Speed.  Everything can be done in one single office visit that may only last a couple of hours. No 24-hour or 48-hour waiting period. It can all be done in a single day-trip.

10. Availability.  We have appointments available now. Just call when you're ready and our team will answer your questions and schedule your appointment.