About Us

With the fall of Roe vs Wade and the revival of bans against abortion in the United States, Women's Choice was formed and based in Pensacola, Florida in order to make safe, legal abortion care available and accessible to as many women as possible, especially women living in states where abortion is now illegal. Women's Choice is now the closest legal abortion care provider for many women. You can reach Women's Choice with a simple, inexpensive car drive. We're here for you. And our mission is to provide you with safe, legal, quality abortion care in a kind, caring, respectful and non-judgmental manner, and to make our care as accessible for you.

Women's Choice is a team of pro-choice, feminist-leaning, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who assist women seeking abortion care.

Abortion is completely legal in Florida. However, if you live in our surrounding states, before Women's Choice, you would have to travel deep into Florida to obtain abortion care. This is inconvenient, time-consuming, and expensive. Women's Choice seeks to solve this problem for you by making safe, legal abortion care available in Pensacola, Florida - the closest city from which you can obtain legal abortion care.

As such, Women's Choice performs the needed aspects of abortion care required under Florida law, except the actual abortion itself. Women's Choice does not directly perform any abortions, because Women's Choice is not a licensed abortion clinic. Instead, the actual abortion is provided via telemedicine by physicians that we refer you to, from a Florida-wide network of privately practicing physicians. This gives you access to physicians from all over the State of Florida, including, for example, Miami, Orlando or Tampa, without the need to travel to these cities.

Because these doctors can see you via telemedicine, it saves you time because you only need to make one trip to Pensacola. Everything else can legally be done remotely. Women's Choice has assembled this network of doctors for your convenience. Our goal is to help you obtain safe, legal, abortion care in the most convenient, inexpensive, and least time-consuming manner possible.