The global fee for an abortion to 11 weeks is $550 for a medication abortion and $600 for a surgical abortion. Call for fees for procedures at 12 weeks or above. Our fees are all-inclusive fees which includes all of the following: ultrasound, lab work, counseling, medications, consultation with clinician, the actual abortion, and follow-up.

This fee is broken into two parts. Upon arrival you will be asked to pay a fee of $295 for your preliminary evaluation. This includes ultrasound examination, any necessary lab work, and counseling. If for any reason you decide not to have an abortion, then the evaluation fee is all that you will need to pay. After counseling, if you choose to move forward with the abortion, then this $295 evaluation fee will be deducted from the global abortion fee, and you will be asked to pay the balance.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept insurance for abortion care at this time. Many of our patients are from states where abortion is illegal, and therefore, their insurance does not cover abortion-related care that is illegal in their state.