Our Facility and Location

422 28th Street
Cairo, Illinois 62914
(618) 221-9126

Women's Choice's professional offices are located in a house-like office that provides you with the comfort and relaxed environment of a home paired with the professionalism of a medical office. Our office is tastefully appointed and stocked with all necessary equipment and supplies to provide you with everything necessary for your visit.

We are located in the Historic Park District of Cairo, Illinois. Cairo is the southernmost city in the State of Illinois and our office is the southernmost midwestern abortion provider in the United States of America.

It is a very sad comment on the state of women's rights to abortion in the United States, but Women's Choice believes that for women past 6 weeks of pregnancy, we are the closest abortion clinic to many cities, if not all cities, in the great states of: Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Indiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and even Louisiana.

And for women past 15 weeks pregnancy, we are the closest abortion provider for most of the Southern United States of America.

Fortunately, for women driving long distances, Illinois has no required waiting periods. And Women's Choice recognizes that many women prefer to obtain their abortion in a single day-trip - without the need for expensive hotels or planes. We know that for women driving long distances, many are on a tight schedule. Therefore, we make every effort to streamline your visit to our office so that you can arrive at our office, obtain your care in one visit, and then get back to your life and what matters to you. Our office can be reached from:
Nashville, Tennessee via I-23W
Memphis, Tennessee via I-55N
Little Rock, Arkansas via I-40E & I-55N
Southern Missouri via US-60 &
Western Kentucky via the Western Kentucky Parkway