Frequently Asked Questions

1. I live in a state where abortion is against the law. Is your abortion care legal?

Yes. Abortion is 100% legal in Florida. And it is completely legal for you to travel from your home state to Florida for any reason, including obtaining abortion care.

2. Are you the closest abortion provider to me?

That depends upon where you live. We believe that we are the closest legal abortion care available to many women in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and, of course, southern Illinois.

3. Do you provide surgical abortion care?

Yes. We provide surgical abortion care up to 24 weeks.

4. How successful are medication abortions?

A recent published study showed a 99% success rate 4 weeks later.

5. How long does it all take?

For abortion services, it can take about 2 hours for a medication abortion and about 3 hours for a surgical abortion. But these times can vary.

6. Can I go directly home after my visit?

Yes, of course. Because there is no waiting period in Illinois, you can get everything done in one single day-trip.