Frequently Asked Questions

1. I live in a state where abortion is against the law. Is your abortion care legal?

Yes. Abortion is 100% legal in Florida. And it is completely legal for you to travel from your home state to Florida for any reason, including obtaining abortion care.

2. Are you the closest abortion provider to me?

That depends upon where you live. We believe that we are the closest legal abortion care available to women in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, parts of East Texas, and the Florida Panhandle.

3. Do you provide surgical abortion care?

No. We provide non-surgical abortion care to 11 weeks.

4. How successful are these medication abortions?

A Recent published study showed a 99% success rate 4 weeks later.

5. Do you perform the actual abortion procedure inside your facility in Pensacola?

No. But we make it possible for you to legally obtain your abortion. Inside our facility in Pensacola, we provide pre-abortion care, abortion counseling, and abortion coordination for you. We are pro-choice and we facilitate the entire abortion process for you. We perform all preliminary Florida-required services necessary to obtain an abortion. However, because we are not yet licensed as an Abortion Clinic, we cannot yet perform the actual abortion procedure itself inside our facility. Therefore, to comply with Florida law, when it is time to perform the actual abortion procedure, we refer you out to pro-choice, female, private-practice telemedicine physicians who, because they are in private practice, can legally perform the abortion for you via telemedicine. Then, if she wants, she can refer you back to Women's Choice for post-abortion care.

6. How long does it all take?

All told, a minimum of 27 or 28 hours. Your preliminary in-person visit to Women's Choice's offices will often take several hours. A lot of things have to happen that day. Then, you have to wait 24 hours. After that, your telemedicine physician’s consultation can be done over your phone and it can be short (10 minutes) or long (over an hour), depending upon how many questions you have for your telemedicine doctor and how much she has to say. Then, you have to drive to the pharmacy and wait for them to dispense the medications, which can usually be done within an hour, depending upon the pharmacy.

7. Can I go home for my 24-hour wait?

Yes. Of course. And if you live in Florida, you can have your telemedicine consultation from the privacy of your home. If you live outside of Florida, you can go home but you will have to return to Florida 24 hours later for your telemedicine physician’s consultation. And she will only prescribe your medications to a Florida-licensed pharmacy. So, you will need to be in Florida to pick up your medications, as well.

If you live outside of Florida, and if you are driving several hours to come to Women's Choice's offices, then another option for you to consider would be staying overnight in a hotel. We can recommend several. This will save you the driving time of a 2nd trip to Florida. That evening you can enjoy beautiful Pensacola. Then you can wake up the next day in Pensacola, have your telemedicine consultation, pick up your medications, and drive home. This way you can get everything all be done in one single trip.