Fees and Insurance

The global fee for an abortion to 11 weeks $595. This fee is an all-inclusive fee which includes all of the following:

1. The cost of your office visit to Women’s Choice’s office, including all supplies and equipment of our facility.
2. The cost of the performance of your ultrasound by a certified ultrasound technician.
3. The fees for the physician interpretation of your ultrasound.
4. The cost of your counseling.
5. The cost of drawing your labs and sending your bloodwork and/or urine to the laboratory.
6. All fees charged by the laboratory for the lab tests performed on your blood or urine.
7. The legally-required physician’s fee for your in-person physician consultation.
8. The cost of staff follow-up emails and phone calls.
9. In addition to our own fees, your private-practice telemedicine doctor has requested Women’s Choice to collect her fee for her. Her is included in your $595 payment, So there is no additional payment required by you and she can focus solely on providing you with good care, rather than having to spend time on administrative issues.

This all-inclusive fee is paid on the first day at the time of arrival. If you do not proceed with the abortion, you will be charged for the services that were rendered to you, and the balance of your payment will be refunded to you.

There are a few things that are not included in this fee. If your blood type is Rh-negative (only about 7% of people are negative), and if your known partner’s blood-type is Rh-positive, then you will need an injection of a medication known as Rhogam (unless you refuse it). This would be an additional charge to you of $85.00. But the large majority of our patients (more than 90%) do not need this injection because they have a blood type that is Rh-positive.

This fee does not include any fees charged by the pharmacy for any medications prescribed to you. Also, if you require additional post-abortion follow-up care, there may be additional professional fees for these services. Again, more than 90% of patients do not need any additional professional care. And, of course, if you would like to continue with us for your on-going gynecological care for birth control, PAP smears, etc., then these would be new services.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept insurance for abortion care at this time. Many of our patients are from states where abortion is illegal, and therefore, their insurance does not cover abortion-related care that is illegal in their state. In the State of Florida, by law, neither Medicaid, nor Medical Assistance, nor Medicare, cover abortion care.