Women's Choice's in-person doctors can provide you with all your required in-person pre-abortion care. They will meet with you one-on-one, in-person, in Women's Choice's office in Pensacola Florida. These doctors are chosen because they are all supportive of a woman's right to choose and will provide you with respectful, non-judgmental, abortion counseling and consultation that are required by law to obtain an abortion.

In addition to your in-person doctor, at least 24 hours later, Women's Choice will refer you to a second physician. She will be your pro-choice, private-practice physician who will provide you with a telemedicine consultation a and legally prescribe your abortion medications for you. Your private telemedicine doctor can see you remotely, which is convenient for many patients. You only need one trip to Women’s Choice’s offices.

Both your in-person doctor and your private telemedicine doctor have been selected because they are strongly supportive of women's rights and women's freedom of choice. They will be able to help you in a kind, supportive, and respectful manner.